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By clicking on the continue option, you permit us to approach you through our emails to inform you about ongoing offers and deals. We and our advanced software technology respect the privacy and integrity of every visitor or member of those who visit our website. The software protects the private information which is supplied by the visitors. The privacy statement below provides information on private data collection. The policy may change according to time, so it is best advised to check with the page periodically. Personally-Identifiable Information: The trading software upon getting a website visitor receives specific data. The visitor's data is collected by the website only when the latter provides information voluntarily by enrolling for services, opening a customer support inquiry, or providing resume information to attain employment opportunities. The software won’t sell or trade your personal information until and unless we are legally obligated to do or legally authorized. We will only access the data in case it comes in terms with us that there is some imminent physical harm that has been caused to our visitors or anybody else. After entering your credit card details via the web, the personal and crucial information provided to us will be protected and secured. Our software has been protected and secured by encryption protocols, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transaction (SET). The software or the trading platform does not promise or guarantee a minimum earning amount. The earning potential of the members is entirely dependent on the member and various factors like trading strategies, investment amount, ideas, and the knowledge. B. Non-Personally-Identifiable Information The software automatically collects the visitor's general information, which does not reveal the visitor's identity. The general information includes details like- Internet address, the frequency of the visitors, etc. The software gathers public information to meet the customer's needs and provide the best customer services. At any point in time, you can accept or deny the cookie services that you receive while using the website. C. Third-Party Sites Our software does not safeguard the personal information disclosed by the members on public spaces like bulletin boards, websites, or chat rooms. Our trading software contains links to the third-party sites that you may visit and are unrelated to the website. We recommend to thoroughly reviewing the privacy policy statements of the websites that you visit. If in case, we are required, you share your information with the third party; then it won’t happen without your consent. D. Limitations and Expectations Our trading software fully abides with the local, state, and federal officials in any investigation related to the content (including the private and personal electronic communications transmitted through the software). We take stringent measures to keep a check on the proprietary rights. The software can be used to monitor communications and visit the history to- (i) protect the property, and the rights of the others (ii) satisfy a regulation, law or a government request (iii) if in case, the disclosure is crucial to fulfilling a government request, regulation or ordinance. Policy Updates Policies are changed and revised timely. Although we keep our clients informed regarding the changing policy, we advise you to keep reviewing them periodically. Children’s Personal Details Children below the age of 18 cannot register at Bitcoin Up. If you know of anyone who is below 18 and has used a fake identity to get registered, then it must be reported immediately to us. You can contact our support team, and they will guide you through the rest. Upon receiving the complaint, we assure to react to it instantly. Stay assured, your personal data is governed by multiple layers of protection. Your details are protected by some of the top-notch security software technology. According to the latest advancements, we keep upgrading and updating our software technology, so that the interest our members at New bitcoin login is never compromised.